2010 Packaging Observatory

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Une filière résolument axée vers la diversification des marchés, la R&D et le développement des services.

Administered online in October 2010 among a sample of French buyers, packaging manufacturers and packaging equipment manufacturers the 2010 Packaging Observatory survey confirms return to growth and gain in confidence, a trend already initiated in 2009.

Packaging buyers are optimistic about the development of their production in the medium term:

  • 57% expect their production to increase. Growth is driven by fast-moving consumer goods with the following sectors in the lead: liquid food 64%; cosmetics, hygiene and perfumery 63%; and health & pharmaceutical products 60%.
  • For buyers from the intermediate goods industry growth regains momentum this year: 53% expect their output to rise, i.e. up 15 percentage points over last year, and this has been the best prospect since 2007.
  •  Purchases, considered by material, will grow according to 46% of buyers on average, and will be stable for 40% of them.

Innovation trends for packaging buyers are clearly centered around sustainable development:

1. Recyclability and the use of recycled materials is the leading trend for 67% of buyers.

2. Ergonomy, convenience, easy use for 54% of them.

3. Elimination of overpackaging is a key issue for 46% of buyers.

The protective and transport functions of packaging (44%) and the search for new materials (41%) come next.