2011 Packaging Observatory

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Packaging is an optimistic, prudent yet enterprising industry!

Created in 2005 by EMBALLAGE exhibition, the Packaging Observatory is designed to monitor and reflelect the market trends and outlook for the various branches of the packaging-related industry in France.

The 2011 edition provides insights on the sector's developments as concerns its medium-term (2012–2014). 

The return to growth is now confirmed for the packaging sector. The September 2011 Packaging Observatory statistics, encompassing 782 French professionals* show an upswing in production forecasts for the large majority of industrial sectors.

A combative ecosystem is formed of buyers, producers and equipment manufacturers who are relatively optimistic, committed to innovation, conditioned by cost reduction, spurred by environmental considerations and intent on the development of new markets, R&D and customer service.

All interrelated in a chain leading to the end consumer, whether general public or professional, their visions converge towards necessary productivity, reliability and differentiation.

To learn all about the trends in the packaging industry up to 2014:

  • Consult the press release presenting the summary of findings
  • Download the complete report of findings.

* Methodology: Survey administered online in September 2011, 782 respondents. Survey target: Packaging and equipment buyers (368 respondents), packaging manufacturers (296 respondants),equipment manufacturers and distributors (118 respondents). Survey carried out by GoudLink / MRCC.on behalf of EMBALLAGE - Comexposium.