2013 Observatoire de l’Emballage

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A 2013 publication combining confidence and determination!

In the wake of two bleak years, the results of the 2013 Packaging Observatory blow a breath of fresh air into a sector that knows how to draw lessons from macro-economic trends.

The production outlook for packaged products, packaging and packaging machinery ismore optimisticthan last year as regards the medium term outlook, and investment forecasts more upward. For example, manufacturers’ operating margins are increasingly stable and exports are rising in value.

Cost reduction is essential to drive innovation.This is underpinned by the recyclability of materials, utilisation of recycled materials, and packaging convenience and features. Regulation is a major innovation driver for the health sector as is the pace of putting products on the market for the beauty channels. However, the reduction of packaging at source and elimination of overpackaging seem to have reached their limits as drivers of innovation right across the sector spectrum.

Efforts to reduce sales packaging have been replaced by a new project: packaging optimisation for intralogistics. Clearly seeking to achieve zero waste by optimising raw materials and energy throughout the life cycle and maintaining control over all circuits as far as possible, packaging is more than ever committed to the circular economy!

Created in 2005 by EMBALLAGE, the Packaging Observatory provides a snapshot of manufacturers’ appraisals of the principal issues faced by the domestic sector. Administered online in October 2013, this survey produced 732 responses from packaging user and purchaser industries (48%), packaging manufacturers (36%) and packaging machinery and equipment manufacturers and distributors.

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