Visa request

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For foreign exhibitors and visitors who need a visa

All non-European foreign citizens entering and staying on French territory, even for professional reasons, must be in possession of a valid entry and short-stay visa. This can be procured by applying to the French consular authority directly from your country of residence, before travelling. You may need to provide a file containing documentation around your stay in France, plans for accomodation and your reasons for travelling.

To apply for a visa*, you must complete your file by supplying an (EMBALLAGE & MANUTENTION) ALL4PACK Paris official invitation letter to the French consular authority of your country. To obtain this invitation letter, just fill the form you'll find it in your exhibitor area or in your visitor area.

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* For a visit to ALL4PACK Paris exhibition, only a short-stay visa (shorter than 90 days) will be granted.