comité pack experts ALL4PACK Paris 2016

The Pack Experts Committee in a few lines

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Major professionnals from packaging and handling user companies are again supporting EMBALLAGE and MANUTENTION > ALL4PACK Paris for this edition, with the Pack Experts Committee.

To reflect a constantly changing world and to better identify the present expectations of packaging user markets, the EMBALLAGE and MANUTENTION > ALL4PACK Paris organisers set up the Pack Experts Committee.

A combination of cross-disciplinary expertise which allows EMBALLAGE and MANUTENTION > ALL4PACK Paris to focus its content offering on the industry's topical issues!

This committee, coordinated by the exhibition’s special consultant Annette Freidinger, gathers leading experts from the biggest international groups in their sectors (e.g. Food, Health, Hygiene-Beauty, Retailers, Industrial goods), as well as ECO-EMBALLAGES.

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