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The Asociación Multisectorial de Empresas - amec - is a Spanish private non-profit business organization. With over forty years of history and four hundred associated companies. Amec is one of the first business groups promoting exports and internationalization of Spanish companies, bringing together industrial sectors and representing simultaneously eight sector-specific associations. 

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The American Institute for Packaging and the Environment (AMERIPEN) is a trade organization with an economic interest in packaging and packaged products. It presents the opinion of the packaging value chain on topics related to packaging and envrionment in North America. 

Using sound science, the institute will lobby legislators and regulators on issues related to the environmental impacts, marketing, sourcing, manufacture, and distribution of packaging throughout its lifecycle.

As the leading voice in the U.S. packaging supply chain, AMERIPEN drives action by:

  • Advocating for effective policies.
  • Aligning key stakeholders across the value chain.
  • Defining the role of packaging in a circular economy.
  • Enabling science based decision making.
  • Fostering a responsible supply chain.
  • Leveraging lifecycle thinking to ensure sustainable materials management.
  • Promoting the value of packaging.




The overall goal of the organisation is perhaps best summed up by its website slogan – “A World of Quality Packaging for Africa”.

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AVEP,  Valencian Plastics Association is a non-profit organization based on Valencia (Spain). Our members are all plastic convertor companies and other companies belonging the manufacturing value chain such us raw material, recyclers, machinery and equipment for plastic sector among others. Our members manufacture semi-finished and finished products for an extremely wide range of industrial and consumer markets such as, food and other applications packaging, construction, urban and decorative furniture, agriculture, automotive, electric and electronic, healthcare, to name some



A member of FIM, CISMA is a professional body which brings together companies that design, produce and sell construction, infrastructure, metal and handling equipment and suppliers of special equipment and components.

4 goals:

  • to bring the sector players together
  • to protect its members’ interests
  • to advise decision-makers
  • to highlight the different sectors of activity

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FEM has represented European manufacturers of materials handling, lifting and storage equipment since it was founded in 1953. FEM is a non-profit trade association (AISBL under Belgian law) permanently based in Brussels to better represent its members and their interests vis-à-vis the European institutions and European partners.

FEM membership currently consists of 13 National Committees from Member States of the EU, as well as Switzerland and Turkey. They are the driving forces in promoting a common vision for FEM industries and in maintaining the European materials handling, lifting and storage industry’s position of leader on the world market. The European industry has an annual turnover of more than 50 billion euros (2011). In total, FEM represents more than 1,000 companies with about 160,000 employees, covering around 80% of all eligible European companies. It thus accounts for more than half of the world's total production.



FoodNavigator.com delivers breaking news on topics that are shaping the modern food industry - whether it’s the latest discoveries in natural colours, legislation that requires new ways of working, or next year’s hot new trends.

Covering innovations in regulation, scientific research and new ingredient development, FoodNavigator.com offers a reference for all stakeholders in the food and beverage industry.

Thanks to its blend of text, video and podcast content, the news can not only be read but also heard directly from the lips of the people making the headlines.

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With over 300 member companies, the IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V. is the largest association in the plastic packaging sector in Europe. The IK is a powerful trade association which represents the interests of the German plastic packaging industry at both national and international level. Furthermore, the IK is the largest supporting member of the German Association of Plastics Converters (GKV) and is therefore also involved in matters concerning the entire plastics processing industry in Germany.

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The Institute of Packaging Professionals Kenya was registered under The Societies Act Rules Laws of the Republic of Kenya at Nairobi on 7th January 2011.

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IPSA aims to promote high standards and professionalism in the packaging industry, to provide opportunities for networking and education and to promote the recognition of packaging as a profession.


Exporter Associations are professional organizations, operating in several regions of Turkey since 1937. Their mission is to contribute to the economic development of Turkey through improving foreign trade.

Istanbul Exporters' Associations (IEA-IIB**), which began to operate in 1940 with the foundation of Istanbul Cereals Pulses Oil Seeds Exporters' Association, is one of the 13 general secretariats. There are seven associations under (IEA-IIB)'s roof, operating in six different sectors. These associations are:

  • Istanbul Furniture, Paper and Forestry Products Exporters' Association
  • Istanbul Cereals Pulses Oil Seeds and Products Exporters' Association 
  • Istanbul Hazelnut and Hazelnut Products Exporters' Association 
  • Istanbul Fishery and Animal Products Exporters' Association 
  • Istanbul Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters' Association 
  • Istanbul Dried Fruit and Products Exporters' Association 
  • Ship and Yacht Exporters Association



Founded in 1953 as a meeting point for packaging makers and users, the Institute today counts among its more than 300 members a number of major manufacturers, the leading industrial users groups, packaging machinery makers, industrial designers, and trade associations. Providing assistance to the member base, Information, Training, and Promoting innovation in the sector are the Institute’s main activities.



ITC's mission is to foster inclusive and sustainable growth and development through trade and international business development.

ITC's six focus areas

ITC delivers integrated solutions around a core set of six focus areas. These focus areas represent a coherent set of interventions with corresponding programmes that are adapted and customized into client-focused solutions.

  • Providing Trade and Market Intelligence
  • Building a Conducive Business Environment
  • Strengthening Trade and Investment Support Institutions
  • Connecting to International Value Chains
  • Promoting and Mainstreaming Inclusive and Green Trade
  • Supporting Regional Economic Integration and South-South Links
  • ITC Programmes 
  • ITC Solutions Catalogue

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ITENE is the Spanish specialist Technological Center in R&D&i in packaging, logistics, transport and mobility. Its mission is to generate scientific and technological knowledge and adding value to companies through the implementation of R&D&i.

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NVC (founded in 1953) is the association of companies addressing the activity of packaging throughout the supply chain of packaged products. The NVC membership, projects, information services and education programme stimulate the continuous improvement of packaging.

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NVGP – Dutch Association of Wholesalers in Packaging. The members of the NVGP are all engaged in the purchase and sale of packaging materials. The NVGP informs its members about resin prices, legislation and advices on business topics and has a big knowledge network. The NVGP consults with representatives of government, private and public health organizations on issues affecting the industry. 

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Packaging SA is closely associated with The Institute of Packaging South Africa (IPSA).  Packaging SA will provide effective leadership and representation on major external and internal issues which impact the packaging industry, to all interested parties including government, the media and its own membership.


Packaging Valley

Packaging Valley Days, an international conference in the packaging industry which was specifically initiated by Packaging Valley, takes place every three years. During the two day event, experts and industry monitors speak about industry trends and newest developments in and around the packaging industry and machine manufacture. Gain insights first hand from lectures by experts and discussion forums, as well taking advantage of the opportunity to meet and greet with managing directors of packaging companies.

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The Tunisian Packaging Technical Centre PACKTEC is a supporting structure for the benefit of the packaging industry.

The main objective of the centre is:  improve the competitiveness of the Tunisian packaging and printing industries and promote the Tunisian products in particular for export through packaging.

PACKTEC offers a wide range of services adapted to the needs:

  •      Tests & Analyses
  •      Assistance & Consultancy
  •      Training
  •      Packaging Design and Eco-design
  •      Research & Development
  •      Information & Strategic  Awareness
  •      Promotion

PACKTEC is certified ISO9001

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Polish Chamber of Packaging

Polish Chamber of Packaging (PIO) was established in the year 1994 as an association assembling manufacturers and users.
It's main task is to represent interests of companies manufacturing packaging materials, containers and machines, as well as printing plants acting in packaging area. PIO organizes business trips for their members to major international exhibitions, promoting Polish packaging industry. The Chamber is also busy in organizing conferences and training devoted to the organizations and management of a company, and also progress in technology, laws and regulations. It also propagates among the members a code of good business practices (business ethics).

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The National Syndicate for Graphic industries (SIPG) providers was created in 1945, at the dawn of its trades birth in order to support their development. Today, it has to accompany these same trades in their mutation. With the support, help and development of the Graphical Industry in France, the Syndicate relies on the enhancement of quality, service and the maintenance of customer / supplier relationships. The SIPG position is unique in the Graphical Industry. It gathers the majority of equipment and consumables equipments, pre-press and finition:

  • 40 company members, french or foreigners, with some having an European production site in French.
  • 4,500 jobs, 1,900 billions euros of turnover. Its jobs cover conception, production, sales and maintenance.

The SIPG aim is to serve the Graphical Industry's interests and developments by an efficient and supported presence. All the members wish to develop our syndicate by taking into account all the new technologies and all the supports destined for the printed communication, in a changing market.

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Symposium de l'Impression Numérique

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VNV: Dutch packaging professionals

The VNV is a Dutch platform for Packaging Professionals dedicated to improving the impact of packaging design, execution and application in the value chain. Our packaging professionals can be found in technical disciplines, in development and innovation, or in management. The association is a valuable platform to learn and interact with fellow professionals on a personal basis.

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