Catching the Consumer with RKW Multipack Shrink Films at ALL4PACK

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Frankenthal (Germany), October 14, 2016 – Appealing and easy to handle: RKW will present the latest generation of its multipack collation shrink films at ALL4PACK, formerly known as Emballage, in Paris. The multipack shrink films are used to bundle beverage items, offering product protection, sales conversion and consumer convenience. As the demand for packs as a brand ambassador and key sales tool continues to rise, RKW has invested several million Euros into three 10 color flexo printing machines over the past few years. Two of these machines are located at its French production sites. Furthermore, the company has added two 5-layer extrusion lines in France and invested into its infrastructure. RKW will showcase its consumer packaging solutions in hall 7 at booth C 080.

Brand owners rely on multipack collation shrink films to provide easy storage and handling of beverage and food products and to make their brand stand out at point of sale. “Competition continues to increase, especially in the global beverage market,” says RKW Board Member Matthias Kaufmann. “It is now more important than ever to deliver packaging solutions that feature the best possible overall appearance as purchase decisions often take less than two seconds.” At ALL4PACK, visitors can take a look at a variety of RKW’s multipack films with a range of eye-catching prints that support the brand message and sales targets.

In order to better meet the customers’ requirements for thinner but stronger films and exceptional printing results, RKW is continually investing in state-of-the-art technology. In France, RKW multipack films are manufactured at two production sites, RKW Castelletta and RKW Saint Frères Emballage. In recent years, RKW has invested tens of millions of Euros and added a five layer extrusion line and a 10 color flexo printing machine at each of the two sites as well as a third10 color flexo printing machine in Germany. “The machines not only expand capacity but also help us to further optimize film quality”, says Eric Vandecasteele, Head of R&D Multipack.

“The new films reduce the need to compromise between mechanical and optical characteristics, and result in improved overall pack appearance. RKW can now provide higher performance with the same thickness of films or the same performance with thinner films. In addition, the printing machines broaden the scope of design with their ten color decks: more colors of the Pantone spectrum can directly be processed instead of mixing process colors. Thus, brand owners need to make less compromises on their defined brand and promotion colors. Or the additional two decks can be used to upgrade their packs with special inks and varnishes,” Eric Vandecasteele explains. The new manufacturing capacities enable RKW to serve an evolving market with innovative RKW multipack collation shrink film solutions that ensure high profile pack appearance and conversion rates.

While ALL4PACK is the leading national packaging exhibition, France is one of the key markets of RKW multipack. The two French RKW multipack sites supply all major French beverage brand companies. Furthermore, RKW operates three additional multipack production sites in Europe and Vietnam. From all locations, RKW delivers optimized films for different pack types and sizes that provide excellent pack appearance combined with outstanding processability.
With more than 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing collation shrink films, RKW is a preferred supplier of high quality beverage packaging solutions. As a result, RKW has built long-term partnerships with both major global beverage brand companies as well as local players. Customers not only profit from modern technology but also from the company’s high consulting competence. Dedicated experts confer with customers to find the best possible pack for their particular beverage brand. Moreover, RKW offers continuous technical support: in close cooperation with the bottlers, the technicians help run stable pack processes and optimize pack appearance with intensive training on site.

RKW is also a leading supplier of technical films and innovative solutions in the area of industrial packaging including FFS films, converted sacks and transport protection films. At the same time, the company is a market leader in the areas of hygiene and agricultural films, and manufactures films and nonwovens for medical applications.

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