FM LOGISTIC France presents STG FM, the 1st automatic stretch sleeve applicator for the provider environment

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For its first participation at the All4Pack 2016 trade fair, FM Logistic France, a subsidiary of the FM Logistic group, presents STG FM, the very first stretch sleeve
applicator for the provider environment: a brand new solution in co-packing, a genuinely economical, environmentally-friendly and attractive alternative to cardboard
packaging and blister packs.

The packaging solutions currently on the market are often expensive, frequently offer mediocre resistance to the humidity in fridges and the extreme cold of freezers, and often do not allow for creative decoration. In addition, they are not always compatible with the co-packing process.

In this context, FM Logistic France and its long-standing partner PDC Europe have worked on the development of a patented solution. This solution is suitable for use in a co-packing environment, thanks to a suitable throughput rate, and offers an alternative to conventional cardboard packaging, in the form of a recyclable stretch polyethylene sleeve that combines every advantage: strength, attractive appearance, low cost and low environmental impact.

Drawing on the know-how of PDC Europe, experts in eco-friendly packaging, and FM Logistic's commitment to continuous improvement, this innovation constitutes a real step forward in the co-packing field. An innovation that respects the environment whilst keeping costs in check.

The principle behind the STG FM is that it covers all the stages of the packaging process using a stretch sleeve applicator. Four fingers, all independently adjustable, allow the sleeve to be stretched open horizontally and vertically. They operate in a star pattern to enable gentle, even gripping. The sleeve then descends into its position on the product to guarantee perfect placing. Then a guillotine-type cutter cuts the sleeve cleanly and tidily for an optimum result.

Developed for use on all types of products (tubs, bowls, bottles, pots, aerosols, etc.) in all sizes, whether for decoration or grouping, STG FM is at once environmentally friendly, economical and fast:

  • Environmentally friendly because the polyethylene sleeve is 100 % recyclable and requires neither glue nor a hot air tunnel. With its low density material (< 1), which enables it to be easily separated from other materials during the recycling phase, its carbon footprint is divided by 3, compared to a shrink wrap film.
  • Thanks to the film's stretchability, less plastic is used. Result: savings of up to 30% on production costs.
  • Because, for the first time, an automatic sleeve applicator is specifically adapted to the packaging sector, the

STG FM makes it possible to get products onto the market for promotional operations quicker than ever before.

A quality solution Made in France

The STG FM offers numerous decorative possibilities thanks to the 360° printed sleeve. The printing on the plastic film is done using a special high-definition, high-hardness process (HD Flexo), guaranteeing optimised colour rendering and an impeccable aesthetic effect.

And the appearance of the sleeve after storage in the fridge or freezer is perfect, thanks to the entirely stable polyethylene capable of resisting moisture and extreme cold.

The uses of STG FM are multiple and varied: from food products to cosmetics, from luxury goods to pharmaceuticals, from textiles to consumer goods and industrial equipment. STG FM was developed at the PDC Europe plant in Montdidier (80) by a design office equipped with all the latest industrial design software. A patent has been filed.

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