Femaag presents DEMOS, an ultra-compact and flexible concept for the dispatching and grouping of all kinds of containers

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All kinds of containers, including the most fragile ones.

For its second participation in the All4Pack exhibition, the French start-up company specializing in mechanization equipment for packaging lines will be presenting 2 new units, a lane divider and a grouping module, that enable manufacturers to easily prepare any grouping they want in minimum space. The DEMOS concept has already been adopted by a major actor of HPC products and is now ready for applications in other market segments.

A 90° guiding lane divider for simultaneous feeding of all tracks

The DEMOS lane divider allows to send, in a steady stream and without preliminary spacing, rows of containers coming from a single lane infeed towards a multitrack conveyor positioned perpendicularly.

The 90° transfer instantaneously offers a perfectly even distribution amongst all tracks of the downstream conveyor and thus allows to avoid all the belts otherwise necessary to group trains of containers. As a result, the installation requires 4 to 6 times less space and takes up 4 sqm only.

An ultra-flexible grouping system

The DEMOS grouping unit allows to easily create any desired grouping through a simple set-up of spacings in the belt running direction as well as crosswise. The extremely precise positioning of groupings allows to feed any kind of downstream equipment (gripping head, lapping station of a shrink wrapper, wrap around case packer).

Optimum container protection

One of the distinctive characteristics of the DEMOS units is the individual handling of containers by means of comb-shaped guiding systems that enable to smoothly move products without any friction and avoid having one container ever pushing another one. The DEMOS concept is thus perfectly suited for unstable and fragile containers.

Simple units suitable for high outputs and multiple sizes and shapes

The DEMOS lane divider and grouping unit can both manage outputs up to 50 000 bph. They have been designed to adapt easily to any kind of container (round, square with round corners, ovoid, rectangular) with short changeover times : simple set-up, permutable guiding tools, less adjustments needed.

Femaag’s stand - Hall 6B / 043-1

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