MULTI-FILL INC. liquid displacement pump expands range of volumetric fillers

Published on by Jennifer ABIJABER - updated on

MULTI-FILL Inc. has developed a liquid displacement pump to expand the range of products that can be handled by the multi-purpose volumetric fillers. 

Until now, the volumetric filling systems could not handle products containing more than 10-15% of liquid, requiring it to be added separately as part of the sauce with a piston.

By adding a liquid displacement pump, the machines are capable of processing products with a higher level of brine or dressing commonly found in products like pickled vegetables or chilled salads.

The new liquid displacement pump recovers previously lost sauce and reintroduces it during or just after filling the product. The amount of liquid can be adjusted to balance the final weight or to change the recipes for different consumer markets to allow the end product to be more wet or dry.

The liquid displacement pump is made of stainless steel and can be completely disassembled without tools for easy cleaning. This option can be added to existing MULTI-FILL machines.

MULTI-FILL is represented in France by J. Bargis Holding SAS, Paris:

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