MULTI-FILL volumetric filling systems for ready meals

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The MPF volumetric filler was designed to dispense difficult products such as rice and cooked pasta, long or short (spaghetti, tagliatelles, macaroni, couscous, etc.), vegetables and cut fruits, cooked meats, pet foods, surimi, and chilled salads in a variety of containers (cups, plates, bowls, boxes, jars, bags, boxes, etc.). These machines are ideal for production lines or freshly prepared dishes.

  • Operational Flexibility and Reliability
  • Easy Integration
  • Cleaning Ease

With its compact design, mobility and flexibility, both in terms of the products and containers, the machine can be easily integrated into an existing packaging line, filling various containers such as cartons, boxes, jars, plates, trays, etc. By providing a reliable machine that is flexible in terms of products, containers, and conveyors, our customers can achieve higher levels of operational efficiency and profits to:

  • increase production capacity of their lines
  • reduce downtime
  • fill different products quickly with few change parts
  • reduce the necessary labor and liability costs

The MPF is designed to keep cleaning time to a minimum. The feeder and filling head can be removed easily. The machines have been redesigned to minimize cleaning, maintenance time, increase safety and maximize operational efficiency and safety. Their size has been reduced to save space on the production line.


Distribution systems are designed to meet the challenge of dispensing products such as rice, pasta (long and short), vegetables, fruits and chilled salads. They also enable the filling of dry products such as cereals and pet food on multiple conveyor belts, intermittent and horizontal. Distribution systems are custom made to accommodate different configurations of production lines. This principle can also be applied to various types of preformed pouches for vertical packaging machines. Portions are dispensed from a filling head in several patterns (e.g. 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8). Depending on the configuration of the selected layout, the dispensing can be carried out at speeds of 12-15 cycles per minute.

These systems replace the filling of the product by hand of the containers, multiple filling heads and/or mechanisms of complex distribution such as cups, mugs, bowls, splitters, bottlenecks, vibrators and belts. They take up very little space on the
production line. The product is placed in a sanitary manner in the container; contamination and rework are minimized. Flexible autonomous systems: distribution systems can be used in conjunction with our volumetric filling machines, multi-head weighing, or other assay systems such as vibrating feeders, weighing machines, rotary pocket or counting machines. Distribution systems are mounted above the container conveyor. A stainless steel cabinet is attached to the side
of the conveyor. It contains all electrical and pneumatic components.


The bulk feeder is designed to meter products such as cooked rice, couscous, and cooked pasta (short). It can be combined with a pan, a conveyor, or high platform provided by the customer. Coordinated with the filling machine, the batch feed system deposits the right amount of product on the conveyor belt of the filler. It speeds up and slows down depending on the speed of the production line, maximizing the amount of product deposited on the belt. A product level sensor can be placed above the conveyor for detecting the level of product in the hopper. 

This year, we will show the MPFSC-120 volumetric filler and 3-position distribution system at ALL4PACK 2016, Hall 5A, Stand C 063.

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