Solutions for luxe board-boxes fabrication

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SMG Systems sales in France a large range of machines bringing solutions for making luxe boxes in solid boards.

Gluing and turning-in machine DARIX FOUR is a semi-automatique machine very useful for fabrication of books, boxes, calendrars, PLV, folders… 2 combined turning-in stations equiped with brushed to avoid sensitive material damages and even to make windows. This machine is also suitable for lining.

Table material HEROLD LINE allows hard covers or boxes fabrication for little productions or unit samples. Recommended for less than 500 ex/week. Made of a gluing station with cold or hot glue, an assembly table, a turning in station and a pressing unit.

SCR-1000 is an automatic machine to make grooves on solid boards for fabrication of boxes with sharp angles. Machine is equiped with a board feeder and a double tool holder device to make grooves close together. Cutting tools don’t produce any dust. Product exit on operator’s side.

A large range of dry or water base laminating machine

MAG 2 is a semi-automatic machine to put one or two couples of magnet inserts in solid board. Grippers maintain the boards during transport, then it is milled to carry out the site of the magnet, a drop of glue is applied and the magnet is automatically inserted.

Large range of guillotines from 80 to 225cm and cutting lines équipments (pile elevator, jogger systems, stacking or destacking machines, pile turner…) and a lot of special and customized lines on request.

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