Tamper Evident: Compact label dispenser for protection against manipulation of pharmaceutical packaging

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The EU Directive 2011/62/EU promulgated in 2011 introduced legal framework requirements for a pan-European safety system for prevention of counterfeit medicines. A central component, which is also addressed in the pharmaceutical law, is a clear and secure marking system for database-backed traceability and tamper-proof sealing of all packaging. Bluhm Systeme can offer a compact, effic ent and reliable solution to this requirement.

A compact labelling unit is integrated into existing data matrix stations or weighing systems. Self-adhesive label seals are applied on both sides of the flap openi gs of pharmaceutical packing. Perforation on the labels will expose manipulation by destruction of the labels. Depending on the packaging plant, labels are either dispensed after weighing or after an inkjet printer – e.g. the Markoprint series – has printed a sequential datamatrix code onto each package.

Following this, code and seal checking by a camera system is recommended. The package will be rejected if the marking is wrong or if a seal is applied incorrectly. Only OK products will leave the plant.

Special features

  • Sealing labelling for protection against counterfeitsTwo-sided corner labelling of folding boxes
  • Highly compact design to allow integration into existing plant
  • Output clocking up to 300 items per minute
  • Stepper motor driven applicator
  • Short set-up times when switching to other product formats
  • Processing of transparent, perforated labels
  • Speed-independent labelling via Tamp-Wipe-On method
  • Dual label roll unwinding

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