The trend to smaller PE packaging for building products and minerals

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ROTO-PACKER® mini ADAMS® – the plastic film-bag filling technology for 1 to 10 kg bags

For building products and minerals, especially in the DIY sector, there is a clear trend to offering attractive, clean, product-protective packaging and in ever smaller sizes. Ultimately packaging appeal and the appearance of the brand and sales floor play a critical role in this product segment: “It gets down to appearance” and “the first impression counts”. With impressive packaging, brand names acquire the power to change customer habits at the location of sales, i.e. to switch brand names. Therefore improved package print quality, brand promotion, enhanced brand name recognition and clean filling are more essential than ever.

Manufacturers often do not completely cover the entire range of packaging sizes, or they simply subcontract the smaller package sizes to an outside packing plant. However, when manufacturers expand their product spectrum to include the smallest packaging sizes, new business fields are the result. This means the current trends to smaller DIY package sizes offer excellent opportunities to move into these business areas and there is now the possibility of benefitting from significant competitive advantages and higher sales.

HAVER Building Products and Minerals is boosting this trend by offering a complete system for the smaller weight ranges. “Why shouldn‘t manufacturers take our machine for the smaller package sizes? Each individual packing system for the different weight classes has an optimum application range. We have the expertise in packing and palletizing technology, and we can offer all machines for all weight classes from a single source. Our customers are very familiar with the quality of our systems and they trust us,” says Burkhard Reploh, head of HAVER Building Products and Minerals.


In the sector of filling powder-type, loose product into water-tight PE packaging, HAVER & BOECKER is fulfilling the demands with its ROTO-PACKER® mini ADAMS®. The system uses the proven ADAMS® technology and fills 1 to 10 kg packages. It extends the previous weight range to now include the smaller weights. Today durable PE bags made of flat film can be filled for the first time. Filling into tubular film bags or into every type of pre-made bag is also possible. Here the width of the bag may be between 80 - 220 mm and the length between 100 - 400 mm. The system can reach speeds of up to 1000 bags per hour, depending on the product‘s bulk density and flow properties and compaction characteristics.

Combining the control system with the in-house HAVER & BOECKER developed MEC® electronic weigher system assures precise weight filling. Product compaction in the bag is the prerequisite for a clean and efficient overall result. Inner and outer vibration devices provide the needed product compaction. “The secret is removing the air from inside the bag,” says Reploh. Doing so results in compact bags with low volume. This means less consumption of packaging film when compared to conventional systems. The ADAMS® systems are characterized by their minimal heights. They are compactly designed and completely housed in, which is a key advantage whenever replacing existing systems.

The ROTO-PACKER® mini ADAMS® filling system offers a series of impressive advantages:

  • Packages that stand up because of high product compaction
  • Perfect consumer packaging
  • Rapid set-up times during format or product changeovers
  • Easy cleaning between product changeovers
  • High speeds with high weight precision
  • Package printing and marking possible in the machine
  • Bags have the standard dimensions of sales floor areas
  • Spillage-free filling

Data-Driven Services boost productivity

All new HAVER & BOECKER systems such as the ROTO-PACKER® mini ADAMS® are optionally equipped with a continuous online transmission of production and remote technical maintenance data. With the Data Driven Services program, production and machine data are recorded and thus ensures the operator is continuously supplied with up-to-date information and allows them to react immediately, flexibly and foremost pre-emptively under volatile conditions. This continuous improvement process allows machine operating times and productivity to increase.

Product protection, extended storage time and cleanliness

“With the ROTO-PACKER® mini ADAMS® we are not only keeping pace with the trend of smaller package sizes, but we are also leading the way for fulfilling the significantly higher demands concerning product protection, product storage time, and keeping surroundings clean,” says Reploh.

Not only manufacturers expect ever longer product shelf lives, but so do processors, professionals and end users. It has to be possible to store packages outdoors and over longer periods without incurring product quality loss. This can be accomplished only if the filled product is protected from every type of external influence by the packaging material. That is why it is essential for bags to be sealed shut and water-tight, especially in the case of hygroscopic products and protection against UV radiation. With the ROTO-PACKER® mini ADAMS®, HAVER Building Products and Minerals offers the right technology for meeting these demands.

Health-hazardous products are often processed in the building products industry. The often legally required higher worker safety and protection of personnel can be achieved by greater cleanliness. The HAVER Building Products and Minerals has long since recognized this requirement and has contributed decisively in driving the trend with the development of the ADAMS® technology.

Not only during filling, but also during palletizing, loading, transport and stocking of building products and minerals, does everyone involved place great emphasis on the cleanliness of bags and surroundings. Optimizing bag filling using technical improvements and increasing bag tear-resistance ultimately provide for cleaner surroundings along the entire value-adding chain. Less product leakage, reduced maintenance expenditures and machine downtime from dust lead to higher profitability, also here the ROTO-PACKER® mini ADAMS® scores points.

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